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Vienna (Austria), Amnesia (Ibiza)

Rockin Moroccin

Monday, 13th March

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Pacha (Ibiza), Amnesia (Ibiza)

Tom Pool

Sunday, 12th March

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Volt (Milan), Apophis (Milan), Armani Prive (Milan)

Lolla Fedolfi

Saturday, 11th March

Savor our tempting array of menu options

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Savor our tempting array of menu options

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Discover our two-floor world: The first floor, a lively bar with a chill vibe, perfect for catching up with friends or winding down. The second floor, our PRIVE club, for endless fun. Join us, grab a drink, and dance the night away!

Opening Time

  • Friday 22:00 – late
  • Saturday 22:00 – late